Which Shake is Best for Weight Loss?

Discover which shake is best for weight loss by looking at protein content, sugar levels & dietary fiber content.

Which Shake is Best for Weight Loss?

The 11 Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss are Organifi Integral Protein Blend, 26% Fat Lean Shake, Fat Burning Meal Replacement, Vega One All-in-One Shake, Ka'Chava Tribal Superfood, Exante Meal Replacement Shakes, Golden Superfood Bliss, RSP TrueFit Meal Replacement Protein Powder, Huel Powder v3.0, PhenQ Meal Replacement Shake and Lyfefuel. When it comes to weight loss, the best meal replacement shake should provide a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat. It should also be low in sugar and contain a good amount of dietary fiber. Additionally, it should provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals and be free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Huel Powder v3.0 is a plant-based meal replacement shake that comes in 10 different flavors and provides a large dose of calories. A single serving contains nearly 30 g of complete protein from a mix of peas, flax seeds and brown rice, as well as 45 g of complex carbohydrates for a slow release of energy. A serving of Huel Powder v3.0 also provides 27 different vitamins and minerals, probiotics, kombucha, medium chain triglycerides and nearly 8 g of prebiotic fiber. It's also very low in sugar, containing only 1 g per serving.

So, it's safe to assume that, because of its rich nutritional value, this meal replacement shake may not be the best choice for people who intend to lose weight but could be suitable for active people, athletes and people with demanding lifestyles who want a hearty and abundant meal in liquid form that is easy to consume. The PhenQ meal replacement shake is specifically designed to help you lose unwanted pounds. A single serving provides 254 calories, 17 g of fat and almost 16 g of whey protein, as well as only 5 g of carbohydrates and less than 3 g of sugar, making it a suitable option for people who follow a low-carb diet. However, there are some downsides to PhenQ meal replacement shakes. It contains only 13 vitamins and minerals, which places it at the bottom of our list in terms of micronutrient content.

The product is also sweetened with synthetic sweeteners and contains no probiotics or digestive enzymes. When it comes to meal replacement shakes, Exante is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Its Exante meal replacement shake is backed by the UK's National Health Service and is generally prescribed to patients who are following diabetes and obesity prevention programs. On the other hand, Exante is relatively low in protein, as it contains only 12 g in one serving. This makes it potentially unsuitable for very active people. Lyfefuel “is not your typical 'meal replacement'.

That's because, instead of focusing only on calories, carbohydrates and proteins, it provides a full spectrum of essential nutrients. In fact, one serving contains 27 different vitamins and minerals, including 500 mcg of vitamin B12 (20.833% DV), 1200 IU of vitamin D3 (150% DV), and 75 mcg of iodine (50% DV). Overall, this is one of the most impressive and nutritionally complete meal replacement shakes we've ever tried. Not only that, it contains a probiotic blend (960 million CFU per serving) and five different digestive enzymes to facilitate absorption. So what are the downsides? First of all, it contains only 110 calories per serving.

While this may be good news for those with weight-loss goals, we thought it felt more like a snack or supplement than a “meal”. In fact, Lyfefuel states that “you can experiment with more tablespoons and different types and amounts of liquids, all of which influence flavor, texture and total nutrients, to achieve the right balance that fills you up and suits your palate. Raw organic food provides nearly 21 different vitamins and minerals but is not a huge amount compared to the amounts found in some competitors' products. There is also only 3 g of dietary fiber in a single serving. GNC is a versatile health and fitness brand. Its main meal replacement Lean Shake 25 is an affordable product created for people whose primary goal is to lose weight.

One serving contains 180 calories, 3 g of fat and 3 g of sugar while providing 25 g of whey protein and 8 g of dietary fiber. When choosing the best meal replacement shake for weight loss purposes look for one that offers at least 15 g of good quality protein per serving such as whey protein isolate or plant-based proteins like peas or flax seeds. Additionally check how much sugar the product contains as adults should keep their intake to less than 10% per day which equates to between 25-35g per day. Lastly look for one with high dietary fiber content as recommended by the USDA which suggests consuming at least 28g per day. Some brands even enrich their meal replacement shakes with ingredients that have been shown to promote fat burning such as green tea extract but do they really work? In fact there's evidence that suggests they can help you reach your weight loss goals when combined with regular exercise.